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Goodies From Goodman celebrates 100 years in Dallas on WFAA Channel 8!
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My Grandfather taught me and my friends how to make these boxes from scratch when we were 13 years old. Hand-made boxes holding 35 pounds of fruit sold for $10.00 ... Definitely the good ole days!
We’re so proud of Stephanie for taking such good care of our customers at Goodies. Here’s one of many comments she receives – is there any wonder why she teaches our entire Call Center!
It’s not easy to make a bow! Sheila has been doing it for 25 years at Goodies from Goodman and Ruth Goodman would be very proud!
Each of these catalogs bring special memories to mind, especially the ones that remind me of my Mom & Dad!
Corporate logo gifts on display by Goodies from Goodman at the Dallas Business Journal Entrepreneurs Connect Conference. For more information, go to Logo Gifts via Goodies from Goodman
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It's amazing how much detail goes into creating our Goodies from Goodman catalog. Check out our photo session - so many new gifts will be included this year - can't wait for the holidays to begin!
It all starts with a great little basket … Sheila shows us how to add Goodies’ fresh fruit and triple chocolate cookies to make a perfect, inexpensive gift – only $39.95 and shipping is FREE nationwide!
If this gift doesn't make you smile, you need to go back to bed and start the day again! Rudy & Goodies from Goodman will make you happy!