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Hi Chuck,

I wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to call me on Sunday & your day off! I called the hotel again and gave them all the information and they have located the box and are delivering it to their room. Thank you so much for your care and customer service, simply outstanding! Have a blessed Sunday!


Guys I have to tell you - I was brought up to express myself to folks when they deserve it, and boy do ya'll deserve it! I just don't think ya'll realize how much joy and happiness and surprise you bring to the folks you deliver to!! None of my recipients know anything is coming, and first they are happy they received something, then they see how beautifully decorated and wrapped it is, THEN they tear into it and realize how FABULOUS everything in it is! I cannot thank YA'LL enough for always, always, always providing exceptional products and services - I am so proud to know you!

Madaline W.

Thanks so much for all the special treatment! We got rave reviews on the briskets, so we'll be ordering more next year. One of our favorite clients lives in Santa Monica, and she can't get barbecue there. She was thrilled with the brisket and immediately portioned it out and put it in the freezer so she could make it last.

You guys are top notch!

All the best,
Lisa S.

Goodies From Goodman......Best customer service ever!

Christmas Day 2016, there was an issue with an order that I had received earlier in the month, that I did not notice until Christmas Day. When all the festivities of the day were over, I sent an email to Goodies to inform them of the situation. Within about 2 min of hitting the send button, my phone rings and it is Chuck Goodman himself, the owner! Never in a million years did I expect to hear from anyone on Christmas Day. He was more than willing to do whatever was needed to get my issues resolved right away. I assured him there was nothing that needed to be done on Christmas Day. The next day he personally showed up at my door with a very special delivery ensuring I was taken care of. Now that is an example of great customer service!

Thank you Chuck! I look forward to getting your goodies every year.

Laurie W.

What a great story about your 100 years in business! That is quite a legacy. You should be proud. I believe I started using your service when I was the SVP of Sales at the Dallas Morning News. Time got away from me and I ordered some baskets for my siblings at the last minute. They raved so much about how great the gifts were that I extended to some of my colleagues and direct reports. It's worked beautifully ever since.

Thank you so much for how you have taken care of me.

Sergio S.

Congratulations to Goodies, the Goodman family and staff on 100 years! What an interesting write-up and great photos in the News. Thanks for sharing! Ordering with Goodies is a positive and personal experience, the staff are attentive and courteous, efficient and I think 100% accurate. Perhaps best, are the thanks that come from the happy recipients of the excellent Goodies products!

Vince P.

Hi Goodies,

I just wanted to send out a big THANK YOU to Jan and your team for a job well done last week! I was a last minute customer with some unique requests on delivery and Jan handled all of it with patience and professionalism.

We were very pleased with your product and service.

Thank you!
Sabra C.


I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your "Celebrating 100" emails. They're really wonderful! It's so nice to learn more about a family-owned local business that I've always liked. Thank you!

When so much of the news is discouraging, sad, or even infuriating, it has been a real pleasure to look back on a time when people loved their family, cared about doing the right thing, working hard, taking care of their customers, and making sure that their children learn and practice the same values. In other words, the time when I was growing up in Dallas, too.

I've always tried to support local non-chain businesses, and your ads have really made an impression on me. We're a very small local firm, so we don't do a whole lot of gifting, but y'all are going to be tops on my list for corporate gifting this year!

I really liked the "Mighty Mo" email. My dad was always building or fixing something (mom did too!), and your granddad's handmade baskets brought back some happy memories.

Thanks again.

Best regards,

A colleague at work received one of your gift baskets a few months ago. I saw the quality and quantity of the food items and the woven basket. I knew that this would be perfect for our relatives in Arkansas.

Thank you for your amazing customer service. A new and happy customer!

Pamela P.

Dear Chuck,

I sincerely appreciate your quick response, as well as your making that info available to me. I've been ordering from you all since the early '80's...before there were online orders. Not only are your products always top quality and fun, you all have the absolute best customer service around! I've recommended your company to many people over the years.

Thanks again very much. Have a great evening.

Best regards,
Karen S

Thank you so much Goodies from Goodman!!! I received phone photos from judy, the baskets are awesomely spectacular and spectacularly awesome!!

Excellent work yall!!

Dear Ms. Goodman,

Thank you for the 'good news' email! What a delight to order from such a company. While I usually only send a few baskets a year ( usually at Christmas), you will have my orders this year!

Thanks again,


I am very impressed with this company! We ordered a Smoked Turkey and fruit basket to be delivered to my mother-in-law's family after her death. We knew they were anticipating a lot of visitors and felt that food would be more practical than flowers. The order was placed on-line at about 10:00 pm on Tuesday night. The gift arrived around lunch the following day...not even 24 hrs. later. The family really appreciated it and the smooth delivery during such a difficult time made it even better. I will definitely order from them again.

Alena S.

I've used this company several times and they perform fantastically without a hitch. They answer their phone courteously - they deliver when promised and I've never had anything but great compliments from the recipients. It's a no brainer to use them anytime I need something that they sell.

David R.

Needed a last-minute gift for a mid-morning appointment. Called and was walked through their online inventory by a very helpful "Stephanie" who guided me to exactly what I wanted, processed my order, and had it prepared and ready for me to pick up at their showroom not more than 40 minutes later - great service! The basket was exactly as described on the phone and looked just like the site photos. Color me impressed; I'll be using GFG again in the future!

Sam L.

Dear Mr. Goodman:

Thank you for your email regarding the basket for my parents. My mother assures me that the box was at the door of their apt. when they returned from a daily walk. They are thrilled with all the treats and love to brag about your products to the other tenants. I am also assured (with great enthusiasm) that everything was in perfect condition, and in beautiful containers. Thank you so much for your great products, service, and for making an elderly couple very merry this season.

Your devoted customers,

Phil and Dorothy

Dear Goodies,

I want to let you know that you should be very proud of your staff. They are all extremely courteous and helpful. I was having some issues yesterday with ordering on line – Stephanie was a lifesaver!! She walked me through step by step in order to retrieve the names and addresses from my account. So very helpful – and very patient!! I just thought you should know. At times, I think customer service is a thing of the past … and then I deal with someone like Stephanie and my hopes are renewed. It is a pleasure doing business with a company such as yours! Keep up the good work!!!!


Yea ... So glad to hear that the spices in your Smoked Turkeys, Hams & Briskets are gluten free - that is wonderful as it is the NEW trend ... thank you again for ALL your assistance with our order ... we value your time and efforts and most of all your product!!

Michelle P.


I wish that everyone were as kind as you and the Goodies family. It is SO nice to hear “Of course – I will take great care of you!” If there is ever any way I can reciprocate – PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you for your service and making me feel like the only person on the planet today!


I know you will take great care of us and our customers. Thank you Chuck! You do not find this level of customer service in any industry and it is GREATLY appreciated.


Kay W.

I cannot tell you how impressed that you caught this mistake and sent the email sooooo early ... I had your number on my desk at work to call to tell you that we did indeed have a duplicate ... really do appreciate the personal touch from you concerning this and are planning to use Goodies for our business holiday gifts … will have that ready to go in the next few weeks ...Thanks again Chuck, tell Bobby hi.

Jane S.

I have had the absolute pleasure of using Goodies from Goodman for years, and I have to say - their customer service, quality of product, and value of price paid is consistently off the charts. I send something from Goodies to someone each month, and every time I hear from the recipient "it is so big", or "it is so pretty", or "the snacks/fruit are delicious!", etc. Chuck and Jan are just good ol' home folks with their customer's happiness as their number 1 goal, and it shows - time after time. I can recommend this company 150% - you will not be disappointed!



Thank you. It is so kind of you to call and follow up like that. It's above and beyond the "call of duty". So much that I placed another few orders for my family "just because" over the weekend.

I'm happy I found you all!
Thanks again,



Thank you for your follow up … I appreciate your kind message. Unfortunately, in my opinion there are many people in positions with high customer contact responsibility today who would have removed the database entry and not taken the time to respond on a personal level as you did. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and am certain that this trait is no doubt a significant reason you have the role that you do at Goodies from Goodman. It also speaks volumes about the kind of people Goodies hires. Finally, it is all too infrequent that I see companies and employees in those companies, working and acting as a ‘family’. Again, thank you for being genuine and caring … it makes it easier as we approach my father’s birthday. Your ability to connect with people on a personal level will make a difference in people’s lives and contribute to your continued success!

Mike T.

Dear Goodies from Goodman,

I don't know who to express appreciation to but I wanted to thank you for your excellent service and product. Our optometry office ordered a turkey gift basket for a family after the death of their mother. The order was placed on-line at 10:30 pm on Tuesday night and the turkey was delivered yesterday. Wow, that was quick! The family really appreciated it and it was such a relief to not have any complications during this difficult time. It's nice to know that there are still local companies that provide a good product and smooth delivery process. We will definitely use you in the future and will highly recommend you to our associates.

Many Thanks,

Alena S.

Hi, Jan,

You're so lovely to keep track of this. Thank you! We are eager to get the order to our friends when they return. As I am sure you realize, Goodies from Goodman is very much a tradition in our family, and we are proud that you are such a homegrown success! We used to go up to the store at Preston Forest. The fact that you have retained this degree of customer service is absolutely amazing!


Cherie W.

Dear Goodman Family,

Thank you for the extraordinary customer service yesterday. We found a long-forgotten Goodies From Goodman gift card purchased years earlier at a charity event, and called to inquire if it might still be honored. Stephanie located the record, checked with Mrs. Goodman, and confirmed you would be glad to honor the $25 card. The item we selected from the website was delivered to our doorstep, beautifully packaged, within a few hours. This will be a thank-you treat for a good friend, and we're delighted with Goodies From Goodman for treating us so well! We'll certainly recommend you to others.


Linda E.


Someone called me when I originally placed my order on line because I placed it with expedited shipping. She said regular shipping would get it there in time and there was no need to pay for Second Day Air. I was really happy about that! Today is Sunday, Mother’s Day, and I do not think the gift arrived. I feel terrible because this was for my mother-in-law for Mother's Day. Can someone please let me know if there was a problem? Thank you!

Wow … thank you so much for letting me know the gift DID arrive! This is my husband's mom and I felt badly about it! You definitely went above and beyond the call for a Sunday! I will definitely brag to my friends and family about the exceptional customer service you have provided. My husband and I will definitely order for our client list in the future!

Enjoy the week,

Amy R.

Good morning Jan,

Thank you for your assistance with my recent order. It has been such a pleasure working with Goodies over the years – excellent service and quality fruit baskets. And we love the “no delivery” fee!!!


Jan, thank you very much for following up on my order. After I heard from you, I spoke with my client who described the arrival of our gift as “A feeding frenzy”…

Tony L.

Last night when I told my husband how you handled our Christmas basket order, his mouth dropped open in amazement. To have a company owner take charge of my order and make me look like a champ a week before Christmas is something I’ll definitely remember. Believe me, I’ll continue to spread the “Gospel of Goodman” every chance I have.

Margaret J.

I wanted to write to let your management know what an outstanding job Jessica did when helping with my order. I had forgotten a birthday for a friend and got online to order a brisket to be sent to him. His birthday was the next day, but I knew he would appreciate the gift no matter how late. Jessica called me immediately and let me know that it could be delivered the next day, right on time for his birthday. It was such a surprise for me to find out it could be done so quickly. I moved to Florida three years ago from Dallas, and enjoyed your store so much over the 38 years I lived there, and know your items are the best. My husband and many of his friends in the legal community there have used your gifts for numerous celebrations for clients and friends. Thanks to Jessica, the gift was delivered on his birthday and he thoroughly enjoyed it. It is so refreshing to know that companies still go out of their way for the customer.


My wife and I would like to thank you for the prompt handling of the delivery issue today to our daughter. My email to you was only 30 minutes old and the issue had been immediately handled. If anyone has better customer service, I have never heard of them. This will be reflected in my review of your company, I promise. I also promise that Goodies from Goodman will get at least two new customers from my contacts in business.


Jim P.

Thanks for all of your help and personal service. Forever loyal to Goodman’s


Dear Chuck,

Thank you so much for being so friendly and helpful on the phone. It's really nice when you come across someone in customer service who you can tell cares and enjoys their job or in your case business. :)

I'll touch base with you in a few days... Take care!


Goodman Family,

Thank you so much for the extremely prompt delivery! My grandparents loved their gift basket. I'm not generally the "review writer" type, but I had to contact you all and express my gratitude and appreciation for your services and products. Truly awesome!


What a hit! Even our president commented "you hit a homerun with this one!" Thanks for suggesting the stuffed dog – their daughter loves it!


My boss says your company is wonderful and there’s no company like it in Houston- hence why we went with your company and will continue to do so! THANKS!


Thank you Jan for being so kind and gracious on the phone. Easiest thing I've done all day - putting through the order. We appreciate you!


Boy, I'm really impressed so far with your company! Will use you again! Thank-You for being so on top of things! Appreciate it! Have a Good Day!


My wife received the “goodies” and loved them! Thank you again for your professionalism and awesome customer service. Look forward to doing business with you in the future.



I don't know if you remember Pat from my company or not but there are GREAT, WONDERFUL MEMORIES there! Pat used to order from Goodies for YEARS giving gifts to the corporate employees - truck loads would appear and baskets just kept coming lining the lobby of our building. I remember that as a new employee I was in awe of it all. There were so many wonderful things just overflowing in those baskets. When we were over on LBJ, I would come to your store for the candied apricots and other unique wonderful items. I remember it as if it were yesterday. I love you all but most of all, I love how special your baskets made me feel each and every year that we had the privilege of receiving them. Since then, I order for my family in New Mexico and they tell me please do not stop sending us that wonderful brisket. They love it and use it to celebrate their New Year up right.

Take care,


Goodies is wonderful and your baskets are more than wonderful!! Thank you for such a great product for us to offer our tenants. We are always so proud to give your baskets.



Rusty sent this email to folks he thought we could help … I would like to introduce you to my friends at Goodies From Goodman. They do a great job for us every year, with the best quality food and gift baskets, and service that is truly outstanding! For Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts, as well as birthdays and special occasions, they do a wonderful job at very reasonable prices. Check out the link below or go to I hope you will consider Goodies From Goodman… I know you will be pleased.


I have bought delicious gifts for my real estate clients since the 1970's. I always looked forward to visiting your stores at locations up and down Preston Road, where I received fantastic customer service, whether I was sending out a dozen food baskets or just picking up a treat for a client moving into a new home. Although I really do miss the retail stores (the old way of doing business), I include you in my list of "internet favorites" for purchases, both for clients and family!


We were showered with compliments on our generosity as well as the quality of your service and goods – something we will not soon forget.

Thank you, and we look forward to working with you again, soon.

Dear Chuck,

    Thank you for your kind note. You continue to provide the best customer service in town!! We have certainly enjoyed working with Goodies over the years, in both the floral and gift delivery areas. We’ve come to rely heavily on your team’s commitment to customer satisfaction, and we’ve never been disappointed!

Wishing you all the best in the New Year!


It is refreshing to do business the ‘ole fashion way … friendly, face-to-face and honesty! It was my distinct pleasure meeting you today. Thanks a ton for your help!



Mr. Goodman,

    I just wanted to let you know that your sales people did a great job this morning. I ordered a sympathy fruit basket to be sent to Arkansas, to be delivered by Thursday and marked it for 2nd day air. One of your associates called me to let me know that it would be there tomorrow, shipping standard Fed- Ex. It is this attention to detail that will keep me a customer. It is not often we hear the good things done in our everyday business. I just wanted you to know that it is appreciated.

Susan B.


    I just set up my on line account and placed my first order with Goodies from Goodman. I was not familiar with your company until a gift box was delivered to our home in error. We moved this year to our new home in Frisco from Arizona and the gift box was intended for the previous owners. My wife called your company to report the mistake and spoke to customer service and got a call back from Mr. Goodman himself. She was impressed. He thanked her for reporting the error and told her to keep the basket and enjoy the products and we did. His only request was that we consider Goodies from Goodman if we had any gift basket needs and she said we definitely would. We have kept our commitment and ordered six gift boxes as Christmas gifts for co-workers. The gesture made for us to keep the basket was evidence of the "heart" of the ownership. We are glad to return the business.

Merry Christmas,
Byron & Lois


    I received the basket yesterday and it looks wonderful! My daughter was into all of it last night and thoroughly enjoying every bite! Thank you so much for another great year of providing the goodies!!


Wow! Thank you for your amazing service!


    Thank you so much for taking the time to help me place my order. Your delicious brisket is being sent to my management team!


    Thank you for calling and confirming it will be shipped on Dec. 12, arriving on 13th.Customer service isn't dead!! When I lived in Dallas, I shopped at your store at Preston and Forest. Still great stuff!

Sharon D.

I appreciate your prompt reply. As Henry Ford II used to say, “My name is on the building.” Now I know why it’s called Goodman!

Bruce J.

    Thank you for your personal reply and we look forward to receiving the new catalog soon. It's already proving to be a tough decision trying to decide which of the many incredible items you offer we want to send to friends and family this holiday season. Gifts received from Goodies from Goodman are always "smile makers" ! Have a wonderful day!

Laurie B.

Dear Mr. Goodman,

    All I can say is “WOW”…I didn’t expect your email. I appreciate what you have done for me and I will sure remember this in the future when I need to send a “little” something to one of our customers. Thank you for GREAT Customer Service!


    Thank you and Merry Christmas. I worked for your company many, many years ago during Christmas break and had such a great time. I worked at the Preston Center store taking phone orders. It was really fun because I had a lot of "high roller" accounts that spent many dollars on their was interesting, plus I got to eat a lot of goodies and at the time I was young and could afford it! Highland Park girl – ha! Hope this makes you laugh.


    We had the turkey for Christmas Day feast with the family!! It was a BIG hit!! Everyone loved it and asked where we got it from! So I had to show the whole family your website! Lol They were all really impressed.. I believe some of my family will be ordering for future holidays! J For the record – BEST TURKEY I’ve ever eaten!

Thanks again,
Brian B.


    The chocolates look amazing! I’m waiting until the kids come home to try them. I appreciate the fact that your company always stands behind your products. I’m sure that’s why you have done as well as you have. I hope that 2012 is your best year yet!

Peggy B

    Just so you know, we had such wonderful compliments on your food! You all do a great job. We will be sure to recommend you to others!



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