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Wine and Goodies from Goodman

We get so many requests to add wine to our gift baskets, however, current liquor laws prevent us from purchasing wine and delivering gifts which contain alcohol. For years, our customers have provided us with the wine of their choice and delivered the gift themselves. Shown below, are just a few of our fabulous wine gift baskets! Here's how it works ... Bring your bottle of wine to Goodies, we'll include it in one of our fabulous gift baskets and you can deliver it guaranteeing a first-class impression! To order wine gifts, call Chuck Goodman (972-590-9845) or Bobby Goodman (972-590-9844).
Wine and Goodies from Goodman
Gift #651 - Top Notch - $59.95

Our beautiful hand-made basket holds all the perfect munchies for great snacking and pairs "deliciously well" with the wine you provide. We include gourmet dried apricots, honey roasted peanuts, chocolate-covered raisins, white-frosted pretzels, Elki crackers and a wonderful aged sharp cheddar cheese. Topped with a bow, this gift is certainly Top Notch!
Wine and Goodies from Goodman
Gift #654 - Happy Sipping - $59.95

Just like our wonderful "Top Notch" wine basket, we've included the same great ingredients but in a different container. Our hand-made handled basket includes your bottle of wine, aged sharp cheddar cheese, crackers, chocolate-covered raisins, honey roasted peanuts, white-frosted pretzels and gourmet dried apricots. What a way to make someone happy!
Wine and Goodies from Goodman
Gift #655 - Luscious Libation - $109.95

Our beautiful, snap-together suede box is a real keeper! We surround a bottle of your wine with exquisite treats - roasted & salted pecans, gourmet dried apricots, zesty cashews, milk chocolate almonds, French country olives, all beef summer sausage, gourmet crackers, an unbelievable Gouda cheese, chocolate covered raisins, berry nut mix and a delicious combination of white frosted & chocolate covered pretzels. After the "luscious goodies" have been devoured, your recipient can use this unique box in so many different ways.
Wine and Goodies from Goodman
Gift #656 – Celebration - $169.95

This basket is huge and filled with everything a wine-lover could want! Bring us a beautiful bottle of wine and we'll pack it with gourmet crackers, an unbelievable aged cheddar cheese, Gouda cheese, mixed nuts, white frosted pretzels, dried mango, French country olives, jalapeno cheese straws, pistachios, crunchy peanut butter nuggets, spicy fiesta mix (Cajun & black bean corn sticks, honey roasted peanuts, churritos and guacamole bites), all beef summer sausage, Godiva® assorted truffles and the best dark chocolate caramels with sea salt you've ever tasted!

Ordering is Easy!

  • Call Chuck (972-590-9845)
    or Bobby (972-590-9844)
  • Bring us the wine
  • We'll pack the gift
  • You pick up from Goodies